The Art of Storytelling

Luke Edmonson

Steps in the storytelling process

First look at the elements around you. The textures, the colors ...

Step 1: sketch. this allows the idea that mature. Just through all the ideas, and the subconscient will do the selection.
Step 2: Select the idea
Step 3: start to define the way the shot should be represented. the composition, the casting, the lighting, the arrangement
Step 4: define the blueprint
Step 5: build the set
Step 6: Use mannequin for example that will allow to finetune

Emotion Wheel

1. Sex
2. Sentiment, humble (child, patriotic)
3. Wander
4. Horrify

William Morginsom "The command to look"

Things that impacts the picture

1. Color
2. Value
3. Composition


From darkness and light in alternation.