Landscape Photography ARTICLE

Taking nice landscapes is a great experience because you are outside and looking at a nice scene. Here are some tips.


For me a nice landscape need to be sharp. and sharp without any noise.
Remember that noise cancellation will probably affect the sharpness of the pictures.
So let's use ISO 100

Depth of Field

We can have different views but usually in a landscape we would like to see the foreground as well as the background. and for this we will need a wide depth of fields.
So let's us high F, F16 with very small aperture.

Shutter speed:

I use Aperture mode that means that the camera will adjust the shutter speed in function of the amount of light in the picture.
for early morning or evening the shutter speed will be slow 1/4 to 1sec. During a sunny day you will have less time.

Type of lens

Depending on the type of scenes you are looking for.

16 mm
For a wide open shot you will probably use a wide angle such as 16 mm. this will show the close objects very close and big. Objects even a few meters away will be reduced in size. So to take a nice shot you will probably have to be very close to your forground object.

200 mm
When you want to take objects that are far away, you will probably need a 70-200mm lens. This will allow you to focus on the elements.


same good settings would be:
- Aperture Mode: A (or manual if you feel confortable)
- ISO 100
- F/16
- Shutter will be adjusted automatically

NOTE: I still need to check the lenses used and the impact on the setting. next time